About Coco


Founder & Visionary Leader at Wedogy

Hello, I’m Coco Luo, the founder of Wedogy, a premier custom pet product manufacturer based in Guangzhou, China. My journey in the pet industry has been driven by a deep-seated passion for enhancing the bond between pets and their owners through innovative, high-quality products.

Professional Journey

Early Life and Education

I was born and raised in Guangzhou, where I developed a love for animals early in my life. This passion led me to pursue a degree in Business Management from Guangzhou University. My education not only equipped me with essential business skills but also steered my career path towards the pet supply industry.

Professional Journey

After my graduation, I immersed myself in various roles within the pet product sector. From product development to sales and management, my extensive experience helped me identify a crucial gap in the market: the need for customizable, high-quality pet products at competitive prices. Motivated by this insight, I founded Wedogy in 2018, aiming to meet these market needs and support pet businesses around the globe.


Since its inception, Wedogy has become known for its commitment to innovation and quality. My leadership has guided the company to adopt advanced manufacturing technologies that enhance product quality and durability. Our focus on customer needs has earned us a reputation for reliability and excellence, as evidenced by our ISO9001 certification.

One of my key initiatives has been pioneering OEM and ODM solutions, allowing our clients to personalize products to fit their unique brand requirements. This approach has not only driven Wedogy’s success but has also significantly boosted the growth and profitability of our clients’ businesses.

Vision for the Future

I am continually looking towards the future, seeking innovative ways to advance our product offerings and expand our market reach. My commitment extends beyond business objectives; I am dedicated to fostering strong relationships with our clients, ensuring they receive unparalleled service and products.

Personal Life

Beyond my professional life, I am a devoted animal lover. I volunteer at local animal shelters and advocate for animal welfare through various initiatives. My passion for animals deeply influences both my personal and professional life, inspiring me to create products that make a real difference.

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Are you inspired by my vision or interested in exploring potential collaborations? Connect with me on LinkedIn or email me directly at info@wedogy.com to discuss how we can work together to revolutionize the pet product industry.

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